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  Sep 6, 2015     business, zirtual, reactive, manifesto, college, garyvee, testing, laptop, clean code

Reading list

My reading / viewing list for the week ending September 6th 2015

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  Aug 17, 2015     surgery, business, software architecture, swift, reactive, functional, AltConf2015, ketamine

Reading list

My reading / viewing list for the week commencing August 17th 2015

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  Aug 10, 2015     hacker, creativity, gym

Reading list

My reading list for the week commencing August 10th 2015

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  Jul 2, 2015     Xcode, iOS, Objective-C, Swift

A list of cool features of Git and GitHub

A collection of cool hidden and not so hidden features of Git and GitHub

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  Jun 22, 2015     mobile

My DevTalks 2015 talk

2015 Dev Talks gathers great community leaders, innovations and fun, the key ingredients to explore the trends that will shape Mobile, Web, Big Data, Cloud Computing and Internet of Things. Topics include Java, .NET, PHP, Ruby, Mobile, Agile development, HTML5, Cloud, Big Data and much more.

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  May 19, 2015     Xcode, iOS, Objective-C, Swift

My top 12 Xcode shortcuts

A list of useful Xcode shortcuts.

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  Oct 4, 2014     Swift

Fibonacci sequence in Swift

In mathematics, the Fibonacci numbers or Fibonacci sequence are the numbers in the following integer sequence: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, ... Here is how we can implement it in Swift.

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  Oct 3, 2014     Swift

FizzBuzz in Swift

A fizz buzz implementation in Swift using tuples.

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  Oct 2, 2014     Swift

Curious Minds Conference

Curious Minds aims at building a tech hub in Brasov, a community of developers who like to know everything and never stop wondering. We are a group of people who believe that always asking the right questions leads you to the right solutions. We kindly thank Siemens Industry Software for supporting our initiative.

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  Jul 6, 2014     running

My first 10k in 20 years

This morning I ran, for the first time ever, well… in 20 years, a 10 km distance. Not too shabby for someone that 12 months ago could barely run 30 seconds before running out of breath.

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  Jul 5, 2014     creativity

John Cleese - a lecture on Creativity

Excerpt from the full lecture from John Cleese on how to inspire creativity within yourselves.
"And there, ladies and gentlemen, are the 5 factors that you can arrange to make your lives more creative.
Space. Time. Time. Confidence. And more Jeffrey Archer."

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  Jun 18, 2014     quote

Beautiful solution

"When I am working on a problem I never think about beauty. I only think about how to solve the problem. "

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  Jun 15, 2014     iOS

My impromptu motivational speech at iOScon

iOScon 2014 was the first conference that I've co-organised. I was really energised by the whole environment and, since the common theme across the participants and sponsors seemed to be the lack of developers available, I've decided to encourage the participants that they should find their dream job.

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  Jun 11, 2014     iOS, Swift

Dictionary collection

A dictionary stores unordered pairs values - each pair of the same type.

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  Jun 10, 2014     iOS, Swift

Array collection

An array stores multiple values of the same type in an ordered fashion.

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  Jun 8, 2014     Swift

Swift creator joins Twitter

As Swift was announced, Swift & LLVM's creator Chris Lattner joined Twitter and his first tweet was an instant success.

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  Jun 4, 2014     iOS, Swift

Swift: All variables must be initialised

A major change from Objective-C is that all variables must hold a value (i.e. must be initialised). We get an error if we try to declare a variable without initialising it.

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  Jun 2, 2014     iOS, Swift

WWDC2014: Apple introduced Swift

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  Apr 7, 2014     iOS, xcode, Objective-C

My DevWeek 2014 talk: "iOS developer overview"

So, you're a developer, but you have never worked with iOS? In this session, Paul will provide a head start on how to plan, build, debug and release iOS 7 apps.

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  Apr 1, 2014     prototyping, iOS

DevWeek 2014 talk: "Prototyping saves your bacon"

Prototyping is often a misunderstood subject, especially when it comes to mobile apps. It is often mistaken for wire-raming or detailed project specifications.

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  Feb 14, 2014     iOS, Teaching

Teaching iOS in Timisoara

Been to Timisoara (a town in west Romania) to teach iOS.

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  Jan 10, 2014     privacy, rant

Privacy as a feature

Without doubt, 2013 was the year our worst fears materialised. The Snowden revelations confirmed what some people already knew and others fantasied. Scary!

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  Dec 17, 2013     poetry


Have you ever smell the stars?
And touch the infinite of your self?

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  Aug 14, 2013     video

Street singer in Rome

Whilst visiting Rome, we stumble upon this little gem...

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  Jan 29, 2013     Conference, iOS, Teaching

Prototyping your iPhone/iPad app

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  Jul 29, 2011     iOS, Objective-C

My Coding Style

My Code, My Rules.

This style guide is heavily influenced by the "Zarra Studios Coding Style Guide" [1], and whilst we agree on lots of things, there are major differences.

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  Jun 14, 2011     rant, thoughts

My thoughts on "Terry Pratchett: Choosing to Die" program

Being jet-lagged is no fun - I'm wide awake at 2am. But it allowed me to catch up on some programs I've recorded, like this particular one where Sir Terry Pratchett is following 2 men, and their respective families, in their quest to Switzerland to have an assisted death.

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  Apr 29, 2011     hacker, creativity

Hackers vs. Coders

A great blog post from Amir Khella, creator of Keynotopia.

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  Apr 16, 2011     poetry

A la Bacovia

Just discovered these lines I wrote in 2008 - sorry, they are written in Romanian and would lose a lot through translation.

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