June 08th   2014

Swift creator joins Twitter


As Swift was announced, Swift & LLVM's creator Chris Lattner joined Twitter and his first tweet was an instant success.

His new Twitter account @clattner_llvm is THE one to follow for insights into our new language. Here are couple of gems:

Jun 5: Fun fact for compiler folks: Swift has a new high-level language-specific optimizer and IR before LLVM, try xcrun swift t.swift -O -emit-sil
Jun 5: Of course Swift supports #! scripts, you can immediately execute a swift script with "xcrun swift -i".
Jun 6: Namespacing is implicit in swift, all classes (etc) are implicitly scoped by the module (Xcode target) they are in. no class prefixes needed
Jun 6: Safety and immutability are preferred, but Swift has UnsafePointer, malloc(), and mutability for the times you still need or want them

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